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McGovern Consulting Group Expands with the Launch of True North Endeavors, LLC



Doylestown, PA-October 29, 2013

McGovern Consulting Group, LLC expands their business through the formation and launch of True North Endeavors, LLC.  True North Endeavors, LLC is focus on developing video training, simplifying integration, and application development for Abila MIP Fund Accounting community.

True North Endeavors, LLC is a subsidiary of the McGovern Consulting Group, LLC and will be focusing on standardizing and formalizing a video training series for Abila MIP Fund Accounting, integrating solutions through a standard user interface, and extending the Abila MIP Fund Accounting solution with the development of applications. 

As an Abila Business Partner (Value Added Reseller) our clients identified several areas as an essential need to the Abila MIP Fund Accounting user community. True North Endeavors will be working towards meeting the needs of our existing clients and will bringing items to market that can be easily utilized by the entire Abila MIP Fund Accounting Community.

Dennis McGovern, Managing Partner of True North Endeavors, LLC said “We believe that the launch of True North Endeavors will revolutionize how users access training, and provide organizations a standard way of integrating systems, versus a one off macros.  As organizations look to a single system and Big Data becomes more important our clients need tools to go with it, we are working to be the provider of choice and options.”

 About True North Endeavors, LLC:

True North Endeavors, LLC is a leading provider of web-based training solutions for the Abila MIP Fund Accounting Community.  True North Endeavors focuses on enhancing the overall user experience for Abila MIP Fund Accounting users having user “Never Feeling Lost Again” through our video training series, integration solutions and application development.  

If you’d like more information on True North Endeavor’s products and services, please go to:  or contact us at 888-876-1544 ext. 5. 

 About McGovern Consulting Group, LLC:

The McGovern Consulting Group provides consulting services and software solutions for nonprofit organizations and local governments throughout the United States. With offices located in the Greater Philadelphia area, Mount Laurel, and Miami, The McGovern Consulting Group serve clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and the surrounding areas.

The team at McGovern Consulting Group has over 25 years of experience and offers award-winning nonprofit accounting software and fundraising software from Abila (formerly Sage) Solutions including: Abila MIP Fund Accounting, Abila Grant Management, Abila Fundraising 50, Abila Fundraising Online, and Abila Nonprofit Online.

Social Media: A New Way of Gathering Information


Many organizations are utilizing social media in ways they never thought possible. In the beginnings of Twitter, Facebook, etc. workplaces were considered the last place accessing social media was deemed acceptable. Site use was restricted so that employees wouldn't "waste company time". 

Now social media is being seen as a valuable tool to enable organizations to spread the word about events, give followers lightening fast updates, and build relationships with other groups. Organizations are gaining perspective into client and donor behavior through the use of big data, collected from these various social media sites.

One of the most easily recognizable benefits to the not for profit sector is the low-cost of promotion-both of the organization and fundraising events. Now they can engage with the public through the ease of a simple click and instantly upload event information world-wide. The cost of publicizing an event is drastically reduced!

Another important element to consider from the use of social media is the gathering of information through "big data". Big data is the modern-age term used to describe what marketers have always done-captured the information of clients or leads through a particular tool and used that information to make judgements on better marketing strategies or business development.

Today social media provides cheap and easy ways to analyze your connections' information. Through the use of Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Hubspot, etc. you can generate multiple reports and drill down so questions pertaining to prospective client behavior can be examined. 

It's important to note that not all data collected gives definitive answers regarding what the prospective clients want or need-but allows you another way to look at behavior. Why would someone be more apt to like a status or subscribe to a feed at a particular time in the day versus another? 100% accuracy in those answers are not provided but clues can be gained through these reports and tools.

What is the biggest value you've seen in your organization through the use of social media in the workplace? Has it helped your marketing capabilities tremendously or haven't you seen much of an impact? Leave your comments below!

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that if you're not connected to us through Facebook and Twitter, click below!

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Build Trust with Your Donors


Do you feel that your organization has difficulty establishing trust with your donors? Perhaps you feel that the donor retention is low and you’re looking for ways to maintain trust. What can you, as a nonprofit, do differently to change the way donors may feel?

According to Marazine Treyz, author of the Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising, you can easily help facilitate trust building in your organization by providing clearer insight into the way funds are allocated. She comments, “Nonprofit donors are such cynical creatures these days. Give them just one nonprofit scandal and they're ready to tar the whole sector with that brush! What's a nonprofit professional to do?”

In the 2007 March edition of gradPSYCH, Dr. Carol Williams-Nickerson warns that the reputation of an organization can be tarnished through one transgression, while it will take years to build.

Establishing trust in an organization is an on-going effort through consistency. Maintaining the mission statement of your group through actions legitimatizes your fundraising efforts. Contributing to the credibility of the use of donations can be done through professional communication through a variety of channels.

You can link to financial statements for the year, 990’s, and audited financials on your organization's website. Through financial transparency, donors will feel that they have a clear direction of where their money goes. Donating to an organization can make a potential donor uneasy if they do not know how the funds may be handled. Giving full disclosure through financial transparency on your website eases any worries they may have.
You can also use an info graphic on your website or at the bottom of each thank you note that displays the use of funds.

Call your donors. Make sure that you establish a human connection with them. This way they feel they have a contact that they can field any concerns to. It also establishes a more personal touch to your organization than just an email would.

Send out newsletters that not only give general insight into what your organization has going on, but also can be an avenue in which to give disclosure of your fundraising outcomes and the way your organization's mission has benefitted from the funds. 
It also personalizes your organization to have a visual connection. Including photos from events and fundraising projects in newsletters or Flickr accounts can not only build a foundation of trust that funds are appropriated to the intended recipients of fundraising efforts, but that you are open as an organization.

Acknowledgement of your donors also builds your professional reputation as a credible organization, and also aids in building donor relationships.

Following several of these tips can lead to more credible and trustworthy fundraising efforts and help retain future donors.



Treyz, M. (2013, August 07). Nonprofit knowledge matters. the transparency mandate.. Retrieved from

Williams-Nickerson, C. (2007, March). Building a professional reputation. gradPYSCH Magazine, Retrieved from


How To Stay Up-To-Date With Sage Nonprofit Software News and Updates


The team at Sage Nonprofit is constantly working to improve its nonprofit software to meet your organizations growing needs.  With constant software and news updates, it can be hard to keep your organization connected and up to date. For this reason, the McGovern Consulting Group has been working hard to stay up to date with Sage Nonprofit and bring the most important information to our clients attention. Here are the five best ways to stay up to date with SageNonprofit.


We encourage you to connect to Sage Nonprofit on Facebook, but don't forget about all of the other Sage pages on Facebook including Sage Summit, Sage North America and many more. Because we follow almost all of the Sage Software Solutions Pages, we are able to share the information on our fan page that will think will most benefit you. By connecting with us on Facebook you will find information from Sage all in one place.

2. Twitter

We strive to tweet about on upcoming events and newest blogposts on Twitter, but during down time we are sure to ReTweet (RT) news and links from Sage. They are constantly posting blog links, event updates and helpful information, but time moves fast on Twitter and you may not always be able to keep up. At the McGovern Consulting Group we are constantly keeping up with all things Sage, and do our best to share with our clients the most relevant information for their organizations.

3. Monthly Educational Webinars

During the week we take part in Sage partner meetings, social media webinars, and research nonprofit news and updates. During our monthly educational webainars, Dennis McGovern, owner of the McGovern Consulting Group, LLC., presents information on the most relevant and time pressing topics according to our research. These events are free of charge to clients  and last 1 - 2 hours during select Wednesday's each month.

4. Newsletters

Our monthly newsletters are filled with event information, news worthy topics and helpful blog posts for nonprofits. Anyone interest in learning more about Sage Software and how The McGovern Consulting Group should sign up for our newsletter immediately. This is just one of the many ways McGovern Consulting Group stays in touch with clients after software implementation is complete.

5. Sage Nonprofit Community

Joining the Sage Nonprofit Community is a great way to keep up to date with Sage Nonprofit Software Solutions. The Nonprofit Community allows you to connect, share and learn from other nonprofits. This resource offers blogs, webcasts, and free resources for nonprofit. Set it is quick and easy. Be sure to contact us today to help you sign up for The Sage Nonprofit Community!

Free Excel Training Course For Nonprofits: Charts and Graphs

Understanding the Charts and GraphS functions in Excel can help you to illustrate worksheet data so that others can more easily decipher key information.  Luckily, the Chart Wizard in Excel makes it easy! During this free excel training course we will explore bar graphs, line graphs, conditioning or panel graphs, pie charts and much more. Dennis McGovern, will also discuss chart and customization tools during this exciting 2-hour webcast presentation.

The following information will be presented:

    • Creating Range Names in a SERIES formula
    • Using OFFSET and Count functions for charting purposes
    • Self Expanding Charts
    • Displaying the last x number of datapoints
    • Selecting a beginning and ending point for a dataseries
    • Creating and using Spinners
    • Linking a Chart Title to a Cell

During this interactive course, time will be allotted for attendees to test out what their learning after each "tip or trick" is presented. This allows users to ask questions, and receive assistance to insure they understand the information before applying what they've learned at work or at home. Course materials, including a reference sheet and powerpoint will be distributed upon sign up. Room is limited so please sign up today!

Best Practices For Non Profits: Gaining Media Attention


Are You a Nonprofit Looking To Gain Media Attention?

Thursday, April 12, 2012  from 8:30am -11 am IQnection Internet Services will be hosting its quarterly Nonprofit Summit in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

During this quarter's seminar, sponsored by IQnection Internet ServicesNetwork Now, and McGovern Consulting Group, a  panel of speakers will share ideas and best practices for non profits regarding Gaining Media Attention. These ideas will help attendees support their nonprofit organization in hopes of increasing donors, supporters and volunteers.

Networking for Nonprofits will begin at 8:30am and last a half hour before a panel of speakers present their best practices for Gaining Media Attention. Speakers include; Leah Ludwig, Account Director for Furia Rubel; Robin Folkerts, Vice President of Development at the Heritage Conservancy; Dennis McGovern, McGovern Consulting Group; Eric Jacobson, Web Marketing Consultant  at IQnection Internet Services.

For more information on the featured speakers or to register for this event please click here.

Top 5 Nonprofit Accounting Best Practices


One of the main priorities of nonprofits is to be responsible stewards of the funds entrusted to them. One important way to demonstrate this responsibility is through the successful execution of accounting best practices, which can ensure an organization provides accurate and timely information about how donations were used.

Sixteen percent of respondents indicated that they still do not used accrual-based accounting. The accrual basis of accounting is consistent with GAAP standards and, in most instances, more accurate than cash-basis accounting. Nonprofit accounting best practices:

Just slightly more than 18% of respondents indicated that they do not have a formal process for reviewing grantor imposed requirements prior to accepting grant funds, and the same number reported that they have difficulty meeting the reporting requirements in grants. Failing to carefully review grant requirements prior to accepting funds is a potentially dangerous practice, yet it is one that is rather common in the nonprofit sector.

With the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other privacy related initiatives today, guarding the privacy of donors is paramount. Over 13% of respondents indicated that they have not taken specific steps to safeguard the privacy of donors. Privacy is really the first step in accountability when dealing with donors. If donors cannot trust an organization with their personal information, how can they trust it with their funds to carry out a specific mission?


Nonprofits must be accountable to multiple stakeholders, including private and institutional donors; local, state, and federal agencies; volunteers; program recipients; and the public at large. Everyone who works for a nonprofit, whether as a paid staff member or a volunteer, has a role to play in ensuring the organization is answerable to its constituents. We are providing this information to organizations in the nonprofit community, hoping that the results help them benchmark their progress and ensure continued success for the future.

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